Sunday, March 26, 2017


Rain pounding on the metal roof woke me this morning. As I turned to look at the alarm clock and saw only blinking numbers I was reminded that the power had been off during the night for the power company to make some updates.
The rain didn't last long and it had stopped by the time I went out to do the morning chores. I dumped only 4/10ths inch of rain from the gauge so an all night overnight rain that was forecast must have turned into the hard shower this morning.
We got ready and headed out to church.  As we drove down the driveway we spotted a newly born calf  with mama watching over it closely .
I was a greeter at church this morning to begin the service. The sermon continued in Mathew 5 today.After church we had everyone here except Tif who was working  for grilled pork chops, mashed potatoes, green beans,corn, glazed carrots, biscuits for a birthday lunch for daughter who turns 32 today !!
Wow !!! 32 years ago this sweet baby made me a happy mama after I had two boys already I was sure ready for a little girl.
She was a special addition to our family all along as she started school.......
And graduated high school with honors.........
Graduated from UNCA with a Bachelor of Communications degree.......
Worked in TV for several years until finding her true calling as a high school teacher and coach.

Last year she entered into another most important phase of her life as she married Josh in a truly "fairy tale" wedding.
And here she is today about to embark on another very important phase of life called motherhood as she welcomes a little girl into the world in June.
Happy Birthday daughter dear,   we are so proud of you and wish you all the best that life has to give.
A rousing game of baseball started on this nice mid 60's but cloudy day between g-son and his uncle ,#2 son.
And this is a new pouting position for a "tooth cutting" unhappy g-daughter !!!
 After everyone left after a nice visit hubbie and I settled in for some March madness basketball games as we watched South Carolina defeat Florida for their first ever final four appearance and then watched UNC defeat Kentucky to make their 20th final four appearance.
The clouds parted just for the sun to peak out for a few minutes just before sunset this evening.
Just after dark tonight the rain poured down again for the first time since early this morning.
Thankful tonight for a very blessed day and for the love of the family and friends that He has put into my life.
God Bless and Good Night

Saturday, March 25, 2017


Had a rough night of  trying to sleep last night. First with my stomach bothering me I took an Alka Selter then went to bed. I sat up a couple times trying to burb but couldn't and I just felt like I needed to for a long time that kept me awake. I must have dozed off somewhere between 2am and 5am because Dolly the 4-legged kid woke me at 5 barking. Hubbie got up and took her outside but that didn't seem to help whatever her problem was and she continued to bark for at least 30 minutes before finally settling down, then it took me awhile to get back to sleep before the 8am alarm.
I noticed the whites of my eyes are red from lack of sleep this morning as I got ready for market.
Market was pretty good today with the warming weather the shoppers seem to be increasing weekly.
After market I stopped at Aldi for some groceries that I forgot to get Thursday .
I made it home just before 3:00 and hubbie helped me unload all the things and put them away. He had done our shopping at Sam's Club on his way home then had taken a caramel cake I left on the table up to church for the after funeral lunch for one of our deceased church members family, Nettie Turpin.
Hubbie also helped #1 son carry 10 more sheets of sheet rock up stairs in his house.
He was ready for a rest when we got things put away.
Daughter came by for a nice visit and brought me a new swing that she had gotten free that needed the motor worked on. Even if the motor never works it will make a nice sleeping place for g-daughter #2.
After chores hubbie and I relaxed and watched some of the March madness games that were on tonight.
On the news tonight this map shows our area in the slight risk for severe weather tomorrow. I remember the last time we were in the slight risk area we really got hammered by high winds , rain, thunder and lightening so we wonder what tomorrow will bring ???
I am so tired tonight ,it is just 10:00 and I feel like I could sleep for days so I am going to soak in a hot bath and crawl into bed to hopefully make up for the lost sleep of last night.
The power company is shutting our power off from midnight to 4am overnight to do some work so we are unplugging things in case of a power surge and looking forward to a quiet night.
Thankful for the wonderful love of our precious Savior and for the blessings of this day.
God Bless and Good Night.

Friday, March 24, 2017


This  is a typical busy Friday morning beginning with chores, breakfast and devotions. I traded my walk time this morning in for a walk later today so I could start my baking earlier to finish before a 1:00 cake delivery time.
I baked 6 caramel, 3 chocolate, 2 pound and 1 blackberry wine cake. Funny story, I took the 2 pound cakes out of my upper oven and put in 2 pans of brownies. I set the timer for 30 minutes as usual and sat down to have a quick lunch. In just a few minutes I started smelling smoke and when I looked in the oven with the brownies they were burnt to a crisp and smoking almost on fire !!!!!  Yikes ! I have no idea why this oven heated so high and fast when I had just removed 2 perfectly cooked pound cakes from it and didn't change the 350 degree temp ??????
The chickens enjoyed the burned brownies and I had to wait for the bottom oven to reheat to cook another pan of brownies.
I will have to certainly watch the top oven next time I put anything in there to see what is going on.
I made it to my cake delivery at 1:00 and waited for 30 minutes on the customer who took a wrong turn on her way from Greenville,SC.
As I drove home I stopped at a yard sale on the way but didn't find anything I needed. It was a benefit sale and they had some nice clothing donated to sell but all the size tags had been cut out of the clothing ???? I hated to leave without spending anything so I picked up a set of Christmas placemats and napkins for $3 that I certainly don't need but it relieved my guilty feeling.
Back home I washed some dishes then took that delayed from the morning walk around the farm.
I came inside fixed a hot cup of green tea and relaxed with the 4-legged kids until hubbie came in from work.
We watched the early news and then did the chores. Our area is still in the severe drought as the growing season gets closer.

The forecast is for rain this weekend maybe even as much as an inch for our area, guess we'll wait and see.

We settled in for an evening of March madness as our UNC Tarheels defeated Butler to move into the elite eight.
I started icing my cakes after the game and didn't finish until almost midnight !
Thankful for another beautiful day and the undeserved blessings that God showers down.
God Bless and Good night.

Thursday, March 23, 2017


Market day Thursday and I'm up and at it early today getting things done getting on my way. Made it on time and got unloaded and set up before any customers came in.
I only have one order for 4 dozen eggs today so this might be a slow day.
As I chatted with friends and fellow vendors I did sell a few things that I am very thankful for  so it wasn't a total wash out day.
After market I ran the regular errands, made a stop at Steinmart to use my $10 reward certificate I had . The certificate expired on the 31st of this month and as I walked through the store I thought there was not a single thing I actually needed in there. I made my way through the sock section and then spotted some hard insoles that would be perfect for sandals this summer so I gt those and checked out.
I went to Ingles to do the rest of my shopping and then headed home. On not many days can I do all the baking supply and grocery shopping at one stop. Hopefully I won't discover something missing when I start baking tomorrow !!
After I got unloaded and got things all put away I sat down in the quiet house with a cup of hot green tea and enjoyed the restful silence.
Hubbie came in from work and turned the TV on for the news.
We did chores and then had a nice visit from #1 son and the kids while d-in-love was at music practice at church.
Hubbie and I spent the evening watching some March madness and then took early bedtimes.
To finish up the decade pics for the month this is all the faces of g-son at 5 moths old in March 2007.

He was surely a happy little boy !!!!
I am grateful to God tonight for the blessings of this day and for loving me unconditionaly.
God Bless and Good Night.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017


Thankfully woke to a calm morning today. As I did chores I looked around for wind damage but found only a few limbs blown down. There was only 6/10ths inch of rain in the gauge so most of what I heard last night must have been wind !!
Folks to the south of us had golf ball size hail and trees were blown down all around the area.
Thankful to be some of the lucky ones !!
After chores I walked and then had devotions and started my housecleaning day.
I spent the day until 3:00 in this mode except for a lunch break.
After hubbie got home from work we watched the news then did chores. The air is certainly cooler today than yesterday with a high of only 58 degrees and expecting 32 degrees tonight.
Daughter sent me this pic of little g-daughter #2 as she passes her 28th week of pregnancy.
I did weekly paperwork and paid bills tonight and got things ready for market tomorrow.
Hubbie and I both watched Survivor tonight between yawns. We are both tired from the storm keeping us awake last night so we are headed to early bedtimes tonight.
I want to get the 1997 March decade pics on here since I have only the one pic for this post.
#2 son turned 14 years old on the 1st day and daughter and a friend and his cousins Susie and Mark were there to help him eat his cake !!

I have no idea what we did for daughter's 12 th birthday that was on the 26th day of that month but I couldn't find any pics of it.
My niece Holly got married that year to her high school sweetheart Brent.
This is hubbies mom and dad and his brother with him at the wedding.
I am thankful that tonight is a calm quiet night and  thankful to God for answering prayers of protection last night.
Thankful for the blessings of this day also.
God Bless and Good Night.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017


G-daughter was here at 7am to get this day off to an early start.While she had her breakfast I turned the animals out of their overnight houses. As I looked at the nice warm sunshine I wanted to kick the weathermen after they said today was going to be stormy and I didn't load my rugs and covers in the Honda last night so I could stop at the laundry on my home from dropping g-daughter this morning.
After I took g-daughter to play school I came home and finished the chores and then had my breakfast.  I had my devotions and then went on a walk in the short shirt sleeve already temps. Some color made it through the cold temps of last week and is still pretty this morning. My favorite daffodils are still hanging on.
These violets are springing up all over the lawn.
And this creeping Charlie is starting to finally bloom.
These are the first of these Woods Hyacinths I have seen this year maybe they were smart not to bloom out until now.
The same could be said for this Sweet Almond bush that has waited until now to out out these sweet little blooms.
Unfortunately the Forsythia has had it for this season.

And these pear blooms,although still hanging on to the tree branches have no sign of a fruit in their blackened, frozen centers.
The jury is still out on the blueberries as they hadn't burst into bloom yet and the buds are still hanging on.
I'm sure a lot of the area apple growers are waiting to see how much damage to the apples also.
By the time I finished my walk and got back inside it was time to pick g-daughter up. Today was a very nice day to stroll the street to and from the church where her school is. She waves and says hey to everyone we meet on our way back to our car.
After lunch she watched Sesame Street from her favorite chair while I changed the curtains in the living room.
When I sat down after I finished I thought she might take a nap but no dice today !!!!
As soon as Sesame street ended she saw the open door and demanded we go outside to play.
She loves to swing .....

And to play in this playhouse sis-in-law Sandy gave her.
Funny how some things change yet stay the same !!!!
G-daughter today ........
G-son back in spring of 2009

G-daughter today .......

El back in June of 2014 ......

She likes to relax in the lawn chairs.

The 80 degree sun was hot and her cheeks got rosy in it so we headed inside to rest.
She finally gave up and went to sleep about 15 minutes before d-in-love got here to pick her up. She was sleeping so soundly we didn't want to wake her so d-in-love took g-son to town to get him some soccer cleats and left her here .
She slept about an hour and then cried to go outside again. Hubbie was here by then and we took her out and she got to swing until her mom came to pick her up.
Hubbie and I did chores a little early this evening after watching the sky fill with dark threatening storm clouds.

An 80 degree sunny day in March almost always spells trouble in the evening. And the storms started lining up this evening. That is why I am late publishing this post as I had to turn off the desktop and write this on my laptop last night because of the intense lightening and thunder.
D-in-love took g-daughter to g-son's soccer practice this evening and she got to swing some more.
It is crazy how much she has grown up and changed in the last 6 months as the pic on the right was taken last September and the one on the left was today at the same park.

The storms are really bad tonight and I pray for my families safety and the safety of all who are the paths of these as this cold front meets this unusually warm air.
Praying for God's protective arms around us all  tonight .
God Bless and Good Night

Monday, March 20, 2017


Up to begin this first day of spring 2017 . A beautiful sunny day greeted spring today after a cold 27 degree morning.
G-daughter is feeling fussy today and her nose is really snotty.
After chores and breakfast I got weekly laundry started.
Re brought the kids over for a visit and g-daughter and BB had fun getting re-aquainted.
EL enjoyed swinging until the wind got up a bit and ran us all inside.
The kids stayed here to play while Re ran to the grocery store.

BB is about to out grow his favorite riding toy around here !!!

After they all left g-daughter was really tired and took about an hour nap. While she slept hubbie and I had lunch and I worked on more laundry.
Hubbie and I switched off taking care of g-daughter and getting our work done all afternoon.
After d-in-love picked her up we both took a short nap while we were trying to watch the news. I feel as if I could just go to bed right now and sleep for days. My muscles seem to be more sore and stiff tonight than usual I really hope I'm not coming down with something.
After chores I didn't feel like any supper so I tried to download my blog book for the last 3 months of last year but it kept timing out. Guess I'll try during the day when the internet is not so busy tomorrow.
The sunset on this first day of spring was pretty tonight.
I am glad to see the beginning of warm weather months in our area and look forward to spring . This first day started out cold but warmed up nicely this afternoon.

 Thanking God tonight for the blessings of this day and praying that He continue to guide me in my walk with Him.
God Bless and Good Night