Thursday, August 17, 2017


No special activities today , just a regular market day on tap. I woke up about 6am with a scratchy throat and a stuffy nose, not sure what is going on but I can't decide if I'm getting sick or just tired from yesterday's activities and the heat.
Got the chores done and headed to market . We got set up and looked around for customers who were scarce but I ended up having a pretty good day ,so I am very thankful as always. There was a beautiful blue Fall looking sky in town today.
I left market and ran regular errands at the bank and P.O. and then went to Ingles, Aldi and Walmart for baking supplies and groceries. I had a bad shopping afternoon probably partly because I still don't feel great and there are just so many people in this town right now and the stores are so crowded. The newly remodeled Aldi store is now my least favorite stop as it is so much harder to get around in there now. I am going to start going there after I drop g-daughter R off at her school starting in September instead of stopping on my way home on Thursdays and Saturdays to see how much easier early morning shopping is.
The other bad experience didn't have anything to do with crowded aisles. I went into the newer Ingles store to get some Boars Head sandwich meat and cheese. I gave my order to the fellow behind the counter who looked bothered by me asking for anything and as he took the meat out of the counter to slice it he dropped it into the floor which was bad enough. But then as I watched him stoop down to pick it up he drooled heavily from his mouth. I have no idea if the drool went on the meat or not because I couldn't get away from that counter fast enough !!!!
Needless to say I gagged my way all the way to the car !! and went to another Ingles for my meat and cheese. I still get a queasy feeling even now thinking about it.
Dark clouds built up toward our house on the way home and sure enough about 1 mile from home I ran into a rain storm.
Hubbie helped get me unloaded and then we hunkered down for a terrible thunder and lightening storm that passed right over us with constant thunder.
It rained on and off all evening leaving a total of  1& 1 /14 inches in the gauge for the second day in a row.
It gets muddier and muddier around my chicken lots and the garden is standing in water. Some of my girls and boys this evening.
Another bad storm passed by the area later this evening and it was still lightly raining when darkness fell.
The "H" storm was named today . Harvey is staying low and posing no threat to the US.
Heading for an early bedtime tonight and get ready for an exciting Friday as g-daughter will be spending her first day away from her mama who has a required teacher workday tomorrow.
Thankful for the blessings of this day and for the protection from the storm this evening.
God Bless and Good Night.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017


An extra early alarm this morning as we have a Pickens flea market trip planned. After chores we headed over to daughters to pick her and g-daughter I up and were headed down the mountain just after 8am.
The market was crowded today as the heat rose quickly.
This is g-daughter I's first trip to the flea market.
.She didn't like riding in the stroller where she could only peek out at all the action around her .
She liked this position much better !!!

We all found some bargains and things we needed. I found Alberta Peaches which were delicious and hubbie bought a huge watermelon for $4.

Before noon today everyone was packing up and leaving the near 100 degree sunshine for cooler places. We drove to Arby's for lunch then went to Lake Keowee where #2 son and Tif were with their boat. They had both managed to get today off work and headed out for a relaxing week day on the lake.
Hubbie took the first turn at sitting with g-daughter I in the shade while daughter and I got in the boat for a ride. This is daughter's first boat ride in several years.
This is a beautiful lake and expecially on a weekday when there is very few boats on it.
I took my turn next with g-daughter while everyone took a turn at skiing. Like I said daughter or hubbie haven't been on skis in a lot of years and they both managed to get some skiing in today.
Daughter almost gave up because she tried several times to get up but on her last try she made it.

Hubbie also had to try several times to get up but started off trying to use only one ski like he used to do but had to use two today .
Of course #2 son skied all around the lake, he is giving hubbie a pep talk before hubbie got in the water.
It was a fun time and I am so glad we got to bring daughter down at least once before she starts back to teaching.

G-daughter I and I sat in the shade and enjoyed the view. 

It was such a beautiful day to be on the lake today. Son and Tif stayed longer after we left to get home before supper time.
We saw the dark storm clouds forming up our way as we drove up the mountain home and just as we got off the interstate the hard rain hit us. It was raining so hard I could hardly see the road and could feel the Honda scooting around in all the water that was quickly ponding on the roads.
Thankful to God we made it to daughter's house and backed into her carport to unload her things and the rain stopped before we left there to go home.
There was 1 1/4 inches in the rain gauge but from the looks of the new ruts in the driveway it fell fast and furiously here also.
We had about an hour before chore time so we put things away and had grilled hotdogs for supper before chore time.
I did weekly paperwork and monthly paperwork for the month of July, which ended up being a pretty good month , the best so far this year but that is usual as the summer tourist season is in full swing.
I spent the rest of the evening icing cakes and getting things ready for market.
So so thankful for the traveling mercies today as we had a wonderfully blessed day and His love for all of us was apparent.
God Bless and Good Night

Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Up early this morning after a restless night . Seems at least one night a week I have trouble getting to sleep. I am thankful it is just one night !!
Did chores early then took g-daughter R to her Tuesday play school at First Baptist Church in town.
She loves this little school and it makes my heart happy to see her march right in and start jabbering to the other kids.
I came home and started a morning of house cleaning. Hubbie chipped in and made the job go so much faster, even g-son got into the cleaning with his spot in the living room.
I mopped all of us out the door and left hubbie and g-son sitting out in the covered patio while I went to pick up g-daughter R.
She went to sleep on the way home and slept only about 30 minutes after I got home. We didn't even have time to finish our lunch. She just doesn't want to nap without someone laying in bed with her and hubbie and I just have too much to do to start that.
I picked up the mail on my way in and our solar eclipse viewing glasses came today. Our area is almost totality about 99 % here so it will be a once in a life time event if the clouds don't cover it up.
I am thankful we get to view the event from our own backyard without getting out on the roads.
After g-daughter R got settled down playing with hubbie I decided to get my tomatoes canned.
I got 9 quarts of beautiful tomatoes from the baskets we picked this past weekend.

Hubbie picked more ripening ones today before he sprayed for a fungus the plants are getting from all the rain and no sunshine lately. We are hoping the fungus hasn't already gotten to far along to stop but this is the first rain free day we have had since we got back from vacation to get anything sprayed.
We almost lost Dolly the 4-legged kid today as hubbie had let her out to potty and forgot to get her back inside. Because she is blind she just wanders and today she wandered down to the highway where someone picked her up. Thankfully they did put her picture on social media and daughter happened to see it. They had taken her straight to an animal shelter in town that quickly puts animals down and by the time daughter drove straight there she had to pay $75 to get Dolly back ????
The lady that picked her up must have drove straight there after she picked her up and had already turned her in by the time she saw daughter's answer to her facebook post which had been up for 13 minutes before daughter answered ???
Anyway daughter brought her home to our relief and hubbie was scolded into never letting her loose in the yard again. She has a little lot I always put her in so she can't wander off.
We had a nice visit with daughter and g-daughter I anyway out of all this.
After they left we did chores and then watched the news . Hurricane Gert is sure giving the coastal residence a scare but only rough seas will result from her path northward.
The thunder heads were starting to bank around the horizon this evening but we are so thankful for a rain free day today to get some of the nice warm drying out sunshine.
I baked cakes tonight to get a jump on tomorrow. I baked 6 caramel, 1 pound and 1 blackberry wine cake tonight.
G-daughter I turned 8 weeks old today !! She is growing up and changing so much each week now !

My feet are hurting from all my standing today and I am so thankful for the wonderful blessings of this day.
God Bless and Good Night.

Monday, August 14, 2017


Monday morning again ????
G-son and g-daughter R arrived at 8am this morning as their mom gets back on a full week schedule at the elementary school she works at.
After chores and breakfast the kids spent the morning playing with some friends. While they played and hubbie stayed with them I did 3 loads of weekly laundry.
The friends left just before lunch and after we ate we made a trip to Southern States for chicken feed and stopped by the vet's office for Bernie's medicine refills.
We also stopped by Granddad's apple house to get apples and some of those delicious apple do-nuts.
And they had to have some ice cream.

I like buying apples here because you can mix all the varieties up and try them all. They have several new varieties this year so I am looking forward to tasting the difference.
We all had a do-nut when we got home and they were as good as we remembered from last year.
Just after we got home the rain started pouring down here. It rained almost 2 inches in about 30 minutes turning the yard into a lake and the road into a skating rink for cars. Add that to the 3/10ths inch I dumped from the gauge this morning for a pretty hefty daily total and it is raining again tonight.
D-in-love drove through the aftermath on her way home and said it was scary driving with the roads just standing full of water.
After she took the kids home hubbie and I got out to survey the damage from the water around here.
We had to shovel out driveway ditches and re-direct some water that was going under some of our storage buildings.
We did chores and then I started turning these Roma tomatoes along with some other varieties into salsa. I always grow several plants of this variety just for salsa making because they cook up so thick.
I added another 14 pints of delicious salsa to our winter supply.
We have our second hurricane of the season as Gert is already hurricane strength but is still predicted to stay off the coast.
Whew, I'm tired tonight but have an accomplished feeling for not doing what I felt like doing this evening. I felt like just sitting down and resting after we shoveled the ditches out and got chores done but I pushed myself and got the salsa made.
Thankful for the blessings of this day and for the strength God gives me each day.
God Bless and Good Night.

Sunday, August 13, 2017


Up to a cloudy Sunday morning and out to get chores done. I moved the last of my spring chicks out into the Silkie lot last night. These are the Cuckoo Marans I bought and they were experiencing their first taste of being outside with much curiosity this morning.

We had breakfast and cooked the potatoes and corn on the cob and cut up and breaded the okra before we left for church so lunch wouldn't take as long to prepare.
Church was good still moving through Mathew chapter 6 about fasting.
G-daughter R was having fun in the nursery with BB and another little blonde headed girl in their patriotic red, white and blue !!

Afterward we came home to have lunch of the potatoes and corn with pork loin (cooked in the crock pot all night), fresh green beans , fried okra and biscuits with sliced tomatoes with Aa's family and #1 son. G-daughter R was ready for an early nap so her and d-in-love went home. After everyone went home hubbie and I relaxed.
Daughter sent me this picture of son-in-love and g-daughter I taking their Sunday afternoon nap.
#2 son called earlier and invited hubbie and me to go to the lake with them but the cloudy skies made us stay here. They went to Lake Hartwell and said the day was beautiful .

Hubbie and I had a nice relaxing Sunday afternoon watching the off and on rainfall outside.
D-in-love and g-daughter R came by for a late lunch before picking g-son up from his camping trip.
He said he had a lot of fun and would have liked to have stayed longer.

In the news tonight the "g" tropical storm was named today but will pose no threat to land.
At chore time this evening I emptied 4/10ths inch of rain from the gauge and as I sit here tonight typing this I hear it raining again, sheeese !!!!
There was an interesting cloud formation as I walked toward the barn this evening as this thunderhead bubbled up.
Hubbie and I both are trying to work out different schedules this week to get in a routine for school to start. D-in-love has to go back full time tomorrow and daughter will have teacher workdays starting Friday and all next week before students go back on the 28th.
Earlier bedtime for me is on my priority list as that alarm is going to get earlier everyday now.
With my new fitbit I have been tracking my sleep time and I am only actually getting less than 7 hours sleep each night with over an hour of awake time cycling during the night so I need to try and get more actual sleep time.
Thankful tonight for the blessing of this day and for the love of  Jesus Christ my beloved Savior.
God Bless and Good Night

Saturday, August 12, 2017


This Saturday morning quiet different from last Saturday as I woke in my own bed to get ready for market day.
Hubbie and I made it on time and got set up before we were slammed with customers pretty much all morning. I am very thankful for the business of this day. The sun is shining today and I think everyone is out and about enjoying it. It is still cool enough for a light sweater in here though.

Hubbie left just before noon to make our weekly Sam's Club trip and get home to more yard work. With all this rain and his having to work everyday for the last month without taking any time off our yard has gotten pretty over grown.
G-daughter R enjoyed watching him mow at their house.
Just as I got ready to leave market #2 son came by on his mail route and helped me load my Honda.
It is so nice to have kids who are willing to help any time they can.
I made stops at Aldi and Walmart to pick up baking supplies on the way home. The clouds looked threatening but only a light rain fell  for a few minutes and it had stopped by the time I got home about 3:30.
Hubbie helped unload and then we decided we had better so some work in the garden since the radar looked like rain was headed our way later this evening.
We planted our Fall greens, Kale, Collards and Turnips .
We gleaned the garden for vegetables for lunch tomorrow and for preserving this week.
Looks like I will be adding to our tomato preserved products !!!
There is also beautiful food for the soul in our garden as usual this year as these Zinnias are loving this rainy weather.
Just as we finished our gardening we heard thunder in the distance and rain began to fall as we walked back to the house.
I had a cup of hot green tea and watched out the living room window as the heaviest rain of the day fell and the sun began to shine brightly through the rain.
I grabbed my camera and went outside to see where the rainbow was. I was rewarded with the brightest colored rainbow I think I have ever seen.
This picture really doesn't do it justice the colors were so brilliant it was soooo beautiful.
The rain stopped and we went out to do the chores before the next shower came.
I didn't check the rain gauge tonight but this morning there was another 1/2 inch from last night's rain.
I worked on catching my vacation blog post up tonight.
Thankful for God's promises in this rainbow tonight and praying that G-son is learning about the true love of Jesus Christ during another day at camp Glow today.
God Bless and Good Night