Friday, March 23, 2018


Only one g-daughter this morning as RL is going to the doctor at 9:00 to get checked out for her fever.
I took advantage of not having to make a trip to pre-school this morning and slept in a few minutes.
The chickens didn't seem to mind staying in their warm houses a few extra minutes on this 28 degree morning.
Back inside I had breakfast and then fixed IR her breakfast and bottle.
Hubbie did some house cleaning this morning while I baked. As my baking increases we will need to switch our cleaning day back to Tuesday since my Fridays will be busy baking days.
Today I baked 6 caramel, 1 chocolate, 1 coconut, 2 pound and 1 blackberry wine cakes. I have 2 orders tomorrow for 4 cakes and with Easter coming next week I should end this month on a good sales note.
IR and hubbie had their lunch at regular time and I had a late salad lunch before I went over to Aa's to give the baby goat his midday bottle.
When I came back home #2 son was here printing some papers on my computer. He said they had their house pretty much set up and were getting help from her family tonight to get the cement table top in place to see if it was going to work out.
After son left hubbie, IR and I went to Ingles to check out a special sale they are having this afternoon.
IR was picking out stuff to buy !!!
We got home and settled in to rest until daughter got here to pick IR up.
Not too many late March days do we need a fire in the wood stove all day .
This crazy weather just keeps getting crazier as we are expecting more snow for our area tomorrow.
The high today was 53 degrees but tomorrow is supposed to be a very raw cold day maybe pushing 40 for the high with snow and cold rain falling.
After daughter and IR left hubbie and I got the chores done and then I iced cakes and got things ready for market .
Thankful for the blessings of this day and RL only having a virus and feeling better already later today. 
God Bless and Good Night

Thursday, March 22, 2018


I was very surprised that we still had our power this morning. I got off the computer quickly last night as I heard tree limbs start falling outside the window . Hubbie and I went outside to see if we could see anything damaged. Our transformer had a fire on the small limb that is still caught in the lines running into it.
It was scary strong winds and we were afraid to get off the covered porch to check anything out.
The lights dimmed and blinked but came back to normal each time.
We both just went to bed and prayed for all the animals and things outside .
The scanner was alive with downed trees in roadways on this side of the county.
As I drifted off to sleep once again wondering what we would wake up to.
The wind is still blowing this morning but not nearly as hard as it was last night thankfully and we are so thankful to have power.
Both girls were in good moods this morning making the market morning go much faster.
Only a few smaller limbs on my chicken houses thankfully.
I dropped RL at her pre-school and IR and I met hubbie at market. We got things carried in and set up while she watched.
This is spring cleaning day at market and many of the vendors were already busy cleaning their areas.
We fed IR and then Connie, other g-ma, picked her up just before she went down for her morning nap.
After they left hubbie washed the windows behind my table while I moved things out from under my table and cleaned off all the shelves. Hubbie took a bunch of things with him to the dump to rid my space of some clutter.
I had a pretty good selling day today and sold several whole cakes.
After hubbie left I made copies of the minutes from our last board meeting to give to all the board members at our next monthly meeting coming up Saturday.
I left market and stopped at the PO and Aldi on my way home.
Hubbie helped me unload and get things put away before we took a short break .
Daughter has a haircut appointment at 4:45 so she brought IR here to stay.
She was hypnotized by the diffuser mist in the sunlight !!

Hubbie and I took turns getting our chores done this evening and staying inside with IR.
Poor RL suddenly started complaining with not feeling good this evening and when her mom took her temp it was 101.5 so she is headed to the doctor in the morning.
One of her dogs passed away earlier this week and she says she needs to be Abe's friend now since he is the only dog they have left.
I hope there is nothing serious wrong with RL.
Later this evening her brother also started running a low grade fever ??? !!!
Hubbie and I watched some March madness tonight. Since UNC lost we really don't have a favorite but I like to see the underdogs win and 11 seeded Loyola beat 7 seeded Nevada in the game we watched tonight.
Thankful for this wonderful day of blessings and praying for the kids that are not feeling well tonight that they get better quickly.
God Bless and Good Night

Wednesday, March 21, 2018


Up to meet the girls this morning and then get this wintry day started. I  emptied 1/4 inch of rain from the gauge this morning from last evening's storms.
After taking RL to pre-school I had a big breakfast since this cold weather makes me hungrier than usual and I probably will be busy during lunch time anyway.
After I fed IR we put her down for her morning nap and hubbie went over to the local barber shop for a haircut while I got my baking started.
I baked 3 caramels, 2 chocolate and 4 pound cakes. I have one order for tomorrow for 2 cakes and one order for Saturday for 3 cakes so far this week.
With this nasty weather forecast I hope they don't cancel.
I worked right through lunch as I expected while hubbie and IR ate theirs and then they played until I finished my baking.
The temperature has hovered around 36-38 degrees all day and this afternoon the snow flakes began flying pretty heavy at times. So far the ground here is too warm for anything to stick but in close by areas they already have almost a foot of spring snow.

IR loved watching the snow outside and jumping in her bouncy seat.
Toby is a huge winter storm and looks like a land hurricane swirling toward the ocean instead of coming from the ocean.
Predictions are for more snowfall overnight .

We are saying a prayer for all our budding berries and fruit trees as tonight's lows are mid 20's.
Daughter came after IR this afternoon and they both fell asleep on the couch for a good nap.
Hubbie and I got the chores done and then hunkered down for the evening listening to the howling wind outside and the temp at 10:30 is 29 degrees with snow still falling ????
Another night of wondering what we will wake up to in the morning !!
I did weekly paperwork and then watched Survivor on TV with hubbie before icing the cakes.
Thankful for the blessings of this day and for the love of Jesus Christ.
God Bless and Good Night.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018


Up to the girls this morning and a much happier morning than yesterday.
I got the chores done and emptied 6/10ths inch of rain from the storm last night.
I took RL to pre-school and then came home to have my breakfast and feed IR.
The morning isn't busy today so I got some little task around the house done and then left a little early to pick up RL so I could stop by a truckload sale place. I found several things today that we use for a great deal.
RL went to sleep as soon as we hit the road home today and hubbie carried her in and layed her on the couch to finish her nap.
IR had lunch with us and then hubbie sat out in the sunroom with her and let her play so she wouldn't wake RL after we ate.
I worked on downloading all my pics on the computer to my e-book.
I always underestimate how long this takes.
RL woke up and had a snack and played for the afternoon. The weather was sunny and warm until about mid afternoon and then it turned windy and cloudy and misty rain fell on and off.
After the girls were picked up hubbie and I headed out to get chores done before the rains got here.
We could already hear thunder in the distance.
Thankfully we just got inside when the pouring rains came down with thunder and lightening.
The sun came back out during the rain and I found this really bright and double rainbow over the house.

G-son had soccer practice at 5:30 and this is him as he walks under the rainbows  back to the car where his mom and sister were waiting soaked after practice at 6:30.
Today is the first day of Spring and it looks like it will be welcomed in with not only my first hatch of chicks......... This lady hatched 4 out of the 5 eggs under her.

And another black Silkie hen allowed to start her 21 days setting period on the first day of spring......
And the apple orchards around the area are bursting into bloom.........
But also with about every type of weather that you can imagine on this first day of spring.
This morning's sun and lower 60's temps are history this afternoon with wind, rain and these dark clouds that brought a covering of hail to parts of the county this evening along with the thunder and lightening.
The red spots on this radar indicate where the hail stones fell. Nothing damaging thank goodness.
Now the temperature is plummeting and in the higher elevations the rain is already turning to ice and snow.
60 degree sunshine, wind, rain, hail, sleet, snow, 36 degrees temps, yep it's the first day of Spring !!!
This is the predictions for snowfall around the area from Toby the fourth nor'easter to pass through.

Sure makes you go to bed with that uneasy feeling wondering what we will wake up to ????
And another important event on this first day of spring was the 9 month birthday of this little sweetie called IR.

Thankful the I can lay my head down with the knowledge that God knows what He is doing and I am comfortable and safe in His control.
God Bless and Good Night

Monday, March 19, 2018


This picture that daughter took before she left for work this morning pretty much sums up most Monday mornings around here !!! And daughter's caption for the pic is spot on !!!
And sometimes Neena and Pawpaw think about just joining IR in the crying mood !!
I got chores done and took RL to pre-school where she went in happily looking forward to some special treats today.
I came home and had my breakfast then fed IR and fixed her morning bottle. She took a short nap and I got laundry started.
I spent the morning putting away last weeks laundry and taking turns with hubbie caring for IR who was not really happy today. She's not as fussy as the last couple days of last week but probably just has a weekend hang-over today.
Hubbie and IR rode along with me to pick up RL and then we went to Southern States to pick up chicken feed. The girls were awake for most of the trip bickering over their toys until RL finally fell asleep.
Hubbie sat in the car with IR while I ordered the feed. The guy that loaded the feed was an old friend that we haven't seen in a very long time and when he stuck his head in the window to look at the girls he scared IR and she screamed all the way home waking RL up.
They both calmed down and we all had lunch. RL said she wanted some mac and cheese and I happened to have some SpongeBob shaped noodles which she loved.
In fact both girls loved their lunch so much that did want to take turns with their bites so while I fixed drinks hubbie had to use both hands !!!!
After we all ate we played and I finished laundry . 
 The weather is cloudy with misty rain falling this afternoon so no outside play which disappointed RL.
Our March weather continues to be very unpredictable as now a stronger snow storm is poised to welcome in spring tomorrow night. Toby is pounding the northeast with their 4th Nor'easter in less than 3 weeks .

And the chance for our area to get snowfall is becoming greater as the temps fall.

It's like Winter is trying to leave but keeps coming back in the door saying "oh and just one more thing" !!!
After the girls left we did the evening chores in a light rain. 
The first hatch of the season as this 2nd setter started to hatch today. She has 4 chicks already I think out of the 6 large  coo coo maran / Araucana eggs she was sitting on.
I'm still in a quandary about what to do with the little red Silkie that has sat on 13 eggs now for over 4 weeks ?? 

May God always help me to be humble in all I do.
God Bless and Good Night

Sunday, March 18, 2018


Up early on this Sunday morning .  I got chores done and then hubbie and I headed over to the apartment complex where #2 son and daughter are living right now.
Daughter, IR, Tif and I are going to Fletcher to the Agricultural center to an antique fair they are having over there. We left early to stop at another sales on the way but that sale wasn't open yet.
We waited in the Honda until 10:00 when the antique fair opened. IR read Tif the old church bulletin she found.

We looked at all the booths in the fair and we all found a few things we couldn't live without.
I found this unique Christmas tree and bought it for $10 mostly for a pattern to remind me to make some to sell at market.

We found a booth that had delicious homemade pimento cheese and we bought some and some crackers and sat down for a snack.
We shopped until IR was pretty done with shopping and headed home to have lunch of a corn beef brisket I had in the crock pot with some boiled cabbage and cornbread.
Hubbie and #2 son were already here after spending the morning moving. With the help of son-in-love they emptied their apartment and had it all moved into their house.
We ate a quick lunch then I left headed for the soccer game. G-son has moved up to a regulation size field and from the bank we had to sit on it was hard to take pics or even see what was going on way down there.

G-son played very well and made a long assist for the only goal scored in the game for his team to take a 1-0 victory in their first game.

G-daughter RL wanted to get on the field so bad with her brother.
From there we all headed up to #2 son's new house to help unload some of the heavier stuff and move the concrete table top he had made outside so he could grind it down and seal it for their dining room table. He built the stand for the top and is making a couple benches to match.

This is what it will look like only with black legs. The cement slab was very heavy and it will take about 4 men to get it inside when he gets it finished.

Tif sent this pic later tonight as they made one more trip to their apartment and Bear finally got to go to his new home.

We came home at 5:00 and hubbie and I watched the UNC / Texas A&M basketball game which UNC lost so their season is over.
We did chores then headed over to Aa & Re's house to check out the baby goats and get info on the mid day feeding of the bottle baby so I can help out when Re is busy this week during the day.
I sat another Silkie hen this evening in the same box with the red hen that has no hatched eggs and is over due a full week now.
I put another red Silkie hen that is also setting in another box but she immediately came off the nest so I'm not sure she is ready to settled down yet. 
Hubbie and I finally got inside tonight to sit down and rest from the busy day.
Thankful for all the blessings of this day and for the protective arms for all our travel today.
God Bless and Good Night