Sunday, January 22, 2017


No rain yet as we get chores done and have a leisurely Sunday morning breakfast.
Hubbie browned hamburger and we got spaghetti sauce cooking in the crock pot before we left for church.
We still have the interim pastor preaching and the sermon was titled "The Buck Starts here".
After service we came home to a spaghetti lunch with #1 son's family and Aa .
We all had a nice visit then everyone left for other activities before the rain moves in later today.
Hubbie and I watched a football game between the Atlanta Falcons and Green Bay packers which Atlanta ran away with. I hardly ever watch professional football but this was a good way to spend a relaxing Sunday afternoon.
I watched the radar and did evening chores early just before the rain started.
This little sweetie pie stayed with me tonight while her mom had children's choir at church and hubbie helped #1 son move things around in his upstairs to get ready for the electrician who is coming tomorrow.
She was snotty nosed tonight but feeling fine . She likes to touch the TV screen ????
She has suddenly taken to snuggling down in this little bean bag to watch TV.

After her dad picked her up I caught up on some blog book reading and then blogged to finish this blessed Sunday out.
On the news tonight there was news of the "L" storm , Leo, coming onto the west coast with rain and snow.
Just as we are dealing with the exit of the the "K" storm, Kori , the west coast deals with this one.

Our forecast for tonight and tomorrow is for significant rainfall and high winds which I can hear already starting outside tonight.
Thankful for a blessed Sunday and family and friends to share it with.
God Bless and Good Night

Saturday, January 21, 2017


A really yucky day to start out this Saturday. It isn't raining yet but feels and looks as if it could start any minute.
We got to market a few minutes early and daughter came in with her baked goods shortly after.
#1 son and g-son came by to kill some time between basketball picture time and their noon ballgame time.
Daughter took him and hubbie to go look at a chest of drawers she wanted to buy just down the street from market.
When they saw the chest of drawers it wasn't what she wanted so they came back to market.
I had a decent sales day today and I am very glad I made the extra 3 caramel cakes last night. I have sold $126 in baked goods for me, $18 for daughter and $11 in eggs which is a very good January sales total !!
Daughter and hubbie both left to go to g-son's basketball game at noon. His team lost again 15-9 but daughter said they played better this week than last .

 Daughter sent me this pic of g-son as he swipes the ball from an opposing player.

The rain began pouring down about 1:00 and the customers cleared out so I packed up and headed home on the rain filled roads. It was raining too hard for all of it to drain off leaving huge puddles in the roads to maneuver around or splash through.
I got home before hubbie and got unloaded . I was afraid Sadie would be out in the cold rain but she was laying tight against the house on the door step.
Hubbie who went to Walmart and Sam's with daughter got home about 3:30.  We took a break until this wave of rain passed through out area. Thankfully we got to do chores without rain gear. There was almost another 1/2 inch of rain in the gauge this evening.
The heavier rains are moving in early in the morning and then the last wave tomorrow night will leave us now with 4 inches of predicted rainfall.
We spent a nice relaxing Saturday night .
More basketball today as Josh took some members of the Boys and Girls Club to Charlotte to a Hornet's game tonight. They arrived early to an almost empty stadium.

A good time to continue with the decade series for January 1997. We endured a massive ice storm and a pretty good snow storm that month. We had a lot of cattle back then to feed and care for during these winter events and it kept us all very busy.

Hank and Sugar were our farm dogs at that time.
This snow was very pretty and clung to everything.

I always love when the blue skies come back with snow on the ground !!

Maybe the kids were older and didn't sled or maybe we were all just too busy for snow fun back then!
I love to look at these old pictures around the farm and note all the differences from then until now.
Thankful for the blessings of this day and praying for safe travel for Josh tonight with the kids on their way home from Charlotte in the rain.
God Bless and Good Night.

Friday, January 20, 2017


An early wake up call from daughter who was supposedly only stopping by for a dozen eggs that I had put on the porch for her last night so she wouldn't have to wake me.
She was calling to say"don't shoot me" I'm coming inside to get a glass of milk for her instant breakfast mix.
I went back to sleep until the alarm sounded at 8am. As I looked out the window at the rain still falling and checked my phone radar I layed back down to wait out the rain which was about to exit our area.
After another 30 minute snooze the rain had stopped leaving a little over 1/2 inch in the gauge.
After chores and breakfast I took a nice long walk in the now sunny and warm morning.
The high temperature of the afternoon was 68 today,whew !!! 
I spent the day inside cleaning and re-arranging in my office. This room always catches all the things that don't have regular places during the year and each January I clean and see what treasures I can unearth in here.  And like any of my other re-arranging jobs this one created the need for other re-arranging projects to find places for the things I take out of the office. I sold Avon for years and still have on online account but don't distribute books or take personal orders anymore regularly so I needed to get all the things I used for that out of a cabinet in there and thrown away. I also had some extra Avon products that I need to use now so that created the  need to create some space in my bathroom cabinets for these supplies.
After lifting heavy boxes and stooping and bending for over 2 hours my back was screaming so when hubbie came in from work he found me stretched out on the heating pad on the couch.
After a short rest on the heating pad and a little relief from the intense pain I did chores. The sunset this evening is pretty as the clouds move in ahead of the next storm system that arrives about noon tomorrow bringing a lot more rain to our area.

Today was a special day in the history of our country as the 45th president was inaugurated . Donald Trump is the first president with absolutely no political background . Whether this helps our country or not is yet to be seen. One thing is for sure I think politics are not going to be "as usual" under this president.
Out going president Obama and wife Michelle flank the new president Donald Trump and wife Melania.
He goes straight to work under the watchful eye of vice president Mike Pence on the left.
To all the "nay sayers" out there about this president I say lets give him a chance !!
Just remember the inauguration of President Lincoln was marred with protest and some of the same things that happened today and look how that turned out !!!
Tonight was a different schedule for me as I waited until this evening to bake cakes as well as ice them. These winter months are so hard to predict what market days will bring I waited all day to see if any orders came in for tomorrow. I got one order earlier this morning and then about mid afternoon I happened to scan my e-mail and saw another caramel cake order there.
I baked 3 caramel, 1 chocolate , 1 pound cake and a pan of lemon bars then iced the layer cakes and was still finished and had everything packed up by 10:30 tonight.
Thankful that my faith is secure in my Lord Jesus Christ and no matter who is president He is still my King and I will always love Him.
God Bless and Good Night.

Thursday, January 19, 2017


The streets of Hendersonville were empty at 7am this morning and also pretty much the same at 10am when I got to market. I stopped by the PO first to mail a handful of bills so they would get today's post mark !!!!
Some fellow vendors bought brownies in the first hour I was there for a grand total of $6 , I also sold  three dozen eggs for $8 and that is what I made today before I decided to pack it in just after noon and get my errands done.
Can't blame the customer lack on the weather as it is a sunny day with temps in the 50's after starting out a bit cooler than lately with temps in the upper 30's. This storm named Kori seems to be dipping more southerly than any of the ones before it so we'll see what this might mean for our weather ??
I did the banking and shopped at Ingles and Aldi for groceries and baking supplies. I made it home around 3:00 for an early  afternoon.  I was surprised and dismayed at the same time when Sadie the Aussie came running down to meet me in the driveway !!  She is feeling much better and starting to eat better but still is not strong enough to get out of the way of approaching cars in the drive. I was hoping she had learned her lesson but unfortunately she has not. Hopefully everyone will watch out for her until she gets her full strength back.
I bought her some new different dog food today and she seemed to really like it this evening.
Sis-in-law Sandy came over and brought the kennel and heating pad back that she borrowed for an older dog she has. We had a nice visit while she was here.
Hubbie and I both rested this evening. Even with the temperature still at 50 degrees it is so damp from the approaching storms that hubbie built a fire downstairs in that woodstove to knock the chill off this evening.
Back in January 1987 we had a snow storm on New Years Day to the delight of our three little snow bunnies !!  #1 son was 5 years old, #2 son was 3 years old and daughter was 22 months old.

Even Aunt Lauri got in on a snowball fight !!!
Our camper.......
Back of the house.....
My dad's old barn in the background of this picture was what we used for several years when we first got into cattle farming.
Great memories !!!!
Thankful for the grace of God to have led me through the life I have had and allowed me the memories I have. I strive each day in all that I do to glorify His name.
God Bless and Good Night

Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Wednesday mornings are always nice as I am alone and unhurried (at least most days) . After chores were done and breakfast dishes put away I headed out in the beautiful sunny morning for a nice walk.
I picked up my pace this morning and would like to get back to jogging some but have to be careful with my knees. Having no knee pain recently has really been nice and I definitely don't want to start it back up.
My Jonquils are starting to bud out in all this warm weather.

I cleaned house today and was able to mop myself out the door and rest in a rocking chair on the front porch with my three outside fur babies !!
Not a usual thing on a mid January day but I'm surely not complaining.
When hubbie came home from work we watched the early news and then did chores. The high temperature was 59 earlier today and it has been dropping this evening already and with the wind that is stirring around there won't be any more porch sitting today.
On the news tonight the determination has been made that 2016 was the warmest year worldwide on record by 1.7 degrees.  This breaks the old record set in 2015.
In January 1977 this is  a picture of my parents house with my brown Subaru parked in front. They raised Cocker Spaniel puppies back then and a couple of the dogs are also in the pic.
My nephew Aaron and his wife now live in this house.
I spent time in my office this evening getting weekly paperwork done and paying bills.  I cannot believe this is already passed mid January in this new year.
Thankful for the blessings God sent my way today.
God Bless and Good Night

Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Whew !! 7 am came really early today as g-daughter arrived. We layed back down in bed to wait for a little more light outside so I could get the chores done before we left for play school.
Neither of us went back to sleep and at 7;30 it was light enough to begin our day.
While she ate her waffles and watched cartoons I went outside to get the chores done.
We got to play school about 8:45. She was a little better about me leaving her today and started playing with some stacking blocks they had so I quickly sneaked out the door.
The laundry wasn't crowded at all and I got the big machines to get all my rugs and bedspreads in them. After washing and drying all except the rubber backed rugs I was finished about 10:00 and headed home. I decided to hang the wet rugs out on the clothes line as the wind is blowing and even though it is cloudy it is almost 60 degrees and there is no rain predicted until tonight.
This is the final good bye to my favorite holiday season when all these are dried and put away !!!  Also it is strange for me to have anything hanging on the clothesline in January !!

 I finished hanging out the wet rugs and putting away all the dry things and then had time for my devotions and a hot cup of tea before heading back into town to pick g-daughter up.
She was tired from playing hard all morning and slept all the way home.
We had lunch when she woke up then played . She loves dancing with the Sesame Street characters !!
At 2:00 she went down for about 1 1/2 hour nap again today. She slept restlessly as if something was bothering her.
When she woke up it was back to playtime. She is getting very inventive and figuring out how to climb everywhere.
 Big girl status in the recliner !!!
 This little red stool is about to disappear as soon as she leaves today  !!!!!

"Who me ??? What do you mean I'm not suppose to be sitting in the window ??? "
She is getting to be quite a little character !!!
After d-in-love picked her up and hubbie came home we did chores. It feels like it could start raining any minute outside with the humidity in the air.
A new storm was named today, Kori, this one is predicted to follow the same path as Jupiter and add more snow and ice to the hard hit areas.
Some weather folks in our area are predicting a pattern change for us by the first of next week .
We have had a lazy evening as hubbie is still recovering from his clod and now I have a sore throat tonight, grrrrr !!!
Thankful to God for all the undeserved blessing He sends my way each and every day.
God Bless and Good Night.