Thursday, October 27, 2016


Another busy day on tap so I'm up and out early once again. I got the chores done and headed to market on a surprisingly cloudy humid chilly morning.
I looked at the temperature expecting another 30's reading but it was mid 40's already but it feels really cold today because of all the clouds I guess.
Market was slow but okay today. Few people came through but most of the ones that did come through bought something so that was good.
I was modeling my spider top and earrings today !!!!  I love dressing for the holidays !!!!

After I left market I ran errands and made stops at Aldi and Walmart for baking supplies and groceries.
I got home a little after 4:00 and got unloaded and things put away. I did chores early today and then headed over to Edneyville elementary school where g-son goes to volunteer for science night.
  I took Donna, the principles place at the pop corn popper.
They were giving away free popcorn and I lost count of how many bags I filled !!!! There was also free water and donated apples.
The kids all acted like they had a good time. G-son with his "monster" goo !!!
I had a nice visit with the principle as we finished and cleaned up and then I got home around 7:30.
I have spent the evening catching up on things I have got behind on the last couple busy days.
One more thing I need to finish up for the month as it nears it's end is one more post of decade pictures. It was an exciting month back in October 2006 as our life was getting ready to change forever with the birth of our first grandchild.
G-son made his appearance about noon on October 16 that year.

A very happy birthday to #1 son as g-son and he will always share a birthday.

Me getting my first touch of this sweet baby.
G-son getting his first look at his favorite aunt T !
#2 son loves this little guy.
Hubbie with his first grand child.
Hubbie's mom and dad got their first look at their first great grandchild.
Great aunt Sandy and great uncle Marty hold the first grand baby of the family .
And great uncle Robert and great aunt Beverly come to visit.

October 2006 will always be a special month in the history of our family with g-son's birth.
This is a picture of Bernie and Dolly in much happy healthy times for both of them !!
I am reminded tonight as I look at these photos and look at tonight's photo of a 10 year old g-son of just how precious time with these kids are because it passes so quickly . Seems like in the blink of an eye 10 years have past me by and this beautiful little helpless baby has grown into such a handsome independent young man.
Just heard from daughter and unfortunately her volleyball season came to an abrupt end tonight at the hands of North Iredell High School in the second round of the state playoffs. Congrats on a great 23-3 year.
I am humbly grateful to God for the joys He has brought into my life.
God Bless and Good Night.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016


Up extra early this morning before the sunrise to get ready for our annual Fall flea market trip.
Hubbie took today off since it is perfect weather we decided we had better go this week since a lot of the sellers are seasonal at this market and when October ends they take a winter break and won't be back until spring.
It was super chilly this morning with the thermometer reading 36 degrees at 7am and even a really chilly morning as we headed south today. Lucky #2 son just caught us right before we got on the interstate to come by a tire shop to pick him up and take him by the Post Office to get his and Tif's 4-runner to drive all day while the shop put new tires on his old truck and did some minor repairs to it.
I had on three layers and only was able to shed my jacket all morning as we walked around the market. It was kind of strange to see everyone in jackets down here after the last couple times we were sweating like crazy early here. Hubbie is in the brown .
As I was afraid a lot of the vendors spots were empty and that made for very low crowds.
This booth was the busiest there ,haha !!

Hubbie and I bought some roasted peanuts and took a break to enjoy some of them.
We left the market about 12:30 when we had made it all the way around and most of the vendors were packing up to leave. We probably bought the least we have ever bought on any of our trips today, we bought mostly food items.
At least we got our winter supply of sweet potatoes from the same vendor we always buy them from.
We stopped and had lunch at Arby's on the way out of Pickens and then came straight home.
The trees are still holding onto a lot of green leaves as we came up the mountain.
We unloaded and got things put away then hubbie blew all the leaves out of the gutters and the driveway ditches hoping that the rain forecast for Thursday will get here.
I did the weekly paperwork and paid bills then we did chores early as hubbie is meeting #2 son to take him back to pick up his truck and then going to g-son's last soccer game and I am taking daughter some homecoming week things and meeting Josh at the volleyball playoff game.
This is homecoming week at the high school where daughter works and each day has a theme. Today's theme was Walt Disney day and daughter's team of teachers did the 101 Dalmations, she is the Dalmation on the bottom left.
 The girls played very well tonight and defeated the team from Concord handily 3-0 and in only a little over an hour.

I came home and hubbie was already here. It got so dark they had to call the soccer game after two of the boys ran into each other.
We watched Survivor on TV then I finished out this busy day icing cakes and getting things ready for market. I fell into bed a little after midnight, whew !!!!
Thankful for the blessings of a wonderful day and praying for the family tonight.
God Bless and Good Night

Tuesday, October 25, 2016


G-daughter arrived at 7am and we went back to bed so she could get a little more sleep. She slept until 8am and then we had to hurry to get breakfast and get her ready for day-care at 8:30. She walked in and quickly found a playmate. She acts like she really enjoys the social aspect of this little time with other babies so it is worth the time it takes to get her there and back.
There is a field of soy beans that are ready for harvest with the mountains in the background that I think is very pretty and today there was no traffic anywhere around so I stopped and made some pics. This is the true meaning of "Fall" !!

Back home I did chores and had my breakfast. I stopped and got the mail from our box but wondered why when I saw it was only campaign ads and lots of them !!!!
 I took a nice walk in the warm sunshine. It was 42 degrees at 7am and it is already in the mid 50's at 10am.Our temps have been anything but normal for almost this entire month and it looks like we are going to escape October without a killing frost .

I did house work until it was time to go back and pick g-daughter up.
She had a great day and was very tired, going to sleep almost instantly when I got her in her carseat.
She slept about 45 minutes after we got home.
I offered her several things for lunch but she is just not eating good right now and would only take bites of different things.
If you want to make housework really interesting you should try doing it with a 13 month old helping!!
Re-organization is her specialty !!!!

I gave the cleaning idea up pretty quickly and we headed outside to enjoy the beautiful 70 degree afternoon.

This child loves to swing !!!
After walking all around the yard and picking up about a trillion leaves and acorns she was so tired we came inside for another nap. When she gets into bed it takes her 30 minutes to get slowed down enough to get to sleep then she only sleeps about 30 minutes !!!
Her mom picked her up shortly after she woke up.
This large yellow print bonnet is my daily sewing project for today.

After chores I watched this beautiful sunset . There is a huge 300+ acre fire in Jackson county and the smoke is traveling into our area helping create some of this beauty.
The sky kept changing color all evening and got prettier and prettier.

I came inside and baked my cakes tonight. I baked 6 caramel, 2 chocolate, 1 pound and 2 blackberry wine cakes. If things work out like we would like them to hubbie and I are going to the Pickens flea market tomorrow so I wanted to get the baking done so I wouldn't have that waiting for me when I got home tomorrow afternoon.
I think I might be getting a cold tonight with a burning nose and sneezing fits but I still feel okay so maybe its just the smoky air. Our area is under an air quality alert because of the smoke and all the dust from being so dry.
Thankful for the blessings of this day and praying for safe travel for hubbie and me tomorrow.
God Bless and Good Night

Monday, October 24, 2016


Early wake up as g-daughter arrived at 7am to get this week off to a busy start.
After chores and breakfast we headed on a shopping trip. I want a storage bench to keep all the kids toys in under the bay window in the living room. This will serve two purposes, (1) as a toy box to keep all the toys out of sight when the kids aren't here, (2) it will provide a couple extra seats in the living room when all the family gathers in there.
Target has the bench I like the best online but I wanted to see it in "person" so off we went to Target.
She finally has enough hair to blow in the wind !!!!
She was a willing ,happy shopper as always today.
They didn't have the bench I liked so we checked out a couple other stores in the area. In this Big Lots g-daughter couldn't keep her eyes off all these lighted moving Christmas decorations.
Oh !  If I could only touch these !!!!  I have a feeling Christmas time is going to be exciting this year !!
We came home empty handed ,well I did find a brown purse I had to have in target , but not the storage bench I went after .
I will have to order one online and hope for the best !!
Back home we had lunch of left overs from yesterday's lunch and g-daughter decided she did like lasagna after all and ate a good lunch.
Her and Pawpaw played while I did three loads of laundry and got all last weeks clean laundry put away this afternoon.
I worked a little downstairs when she went down for a short 30 minute nap so I would not wake her up going up and down the stairs.
After her mom picked her up hubbie went out to mulch the leaves and created a huge dust storm before he decided that might not be a good way to deal with the leaves this year !!!
I did my sewing project for the day and made this large flowered bonnet.
I just thought my canning season was over for this year !!   When hubbie gathered these bell peppers and then noted we were out of the relish I make I knew my canning tools were going to make another appearance this season.
After chores tonight I chopped all these peppers and 6 large onions ,the last of the Vadalia onions hubbie's friend always gets for us in Georgia every year. I mixed these with vinegar, salt,sugar and spices and simmered it on the stove while I got all the jars ready and the waterbath canner going.
The last time I made this relish we had enough for 2 years and I'm thinking it will be the same this time as I got 14 half pints and 5 pints to go on the storage shelves.
Since I have all the canning stuff out I will probably make some apple butter from some of the Hoover apples Cheryl brought me last week to extend my canning season at least one more day !
I finished all the canning about 10:00 tonight and then blogged and headed for bed.
I am grateful each day for the strength that God gives me and I strive to glorify Him in all that I do.
God Bless and Good Night.

Sunday, October 23, 2016


Bernie had a haircut at a bad time on the coolest night of the season so far so he had to have a little help keeping warm through the night. He enjoyed it and has worn it all day today even if he doesn't look happy !!
At least it didn't get cold enough overnight to frost this morning. The temp here at 7am was 38 ,it probably got a little lower before the sun started its warm up but there was no frost.
Hubbie and I put some of the plants I just sat inside the front door back outside until the temperature gets back down again which isn't in the foreseeable  forecast.
We did chores and had breakfast while the pan of lasagna cooked in the oven.
Church was good today from the book of Ezra.
After church #1 son's family were our only guest for lunch of lasagna , garlic toast and salad.
After we ate we met daughter and Josh at Jackson Park with all the bikes for a bike ride.
G-son has been asking to do this again since we did it on Labor day so today is a beautiful day for a ride.
We took off from the park this time so we wouldn't have any trouble finding a parking spot for all three vehicles.

A lot of this trail runs along the banks of what is commonly called Mud Creek but the Indian name for this waterway is Oklawaha . In fact this trail is called the Oklawaha greenway.
The water level is this creek looked good today despite the drought.
G-daughter who hadn't taken a nap all day refused to sleep on the 2 hour ride afraid she would miss something !!
We got home and got unloaded with enough time left to have a nice cup of hot tea and sit on the porch to enjoy the rest of this wonderful day. My knee thankfully did great with no pain and only a touch of soreness tonight. The most sore part tonight is my left hip but that is probably because I was tensed up trying to protect that knee !!!
I am grateful this evening for a wonderful Sunday and feel so blessed tonight.
God Bless and Good Night.