Saturday, September 24, 2016


Up an extra hour earlier this morning as I have no idea how many customers will come out to Market's first Heritage Day celebration or how early they will come.
We arrived at 8:30 about an hour earlier than usual. There was no crowd yet and we got set up and waited to see what this day would bring.

The aisles were pretty full of customers by mid morning.
This is a very pretty time of year in market.
My long time friend Virginia Thompson who is an Indian story teller and goes around to all the elementary schools to share the history of the Cherokee Indians set up her display on the tables next to mine so we had a nice visiting time between customers.
My cousin's band provided music once again and these three youngsters were very good singers.
A wood carver was set up selling his wears and demonstrating his skills.

A friend of the market, Danny Todd, brought his smoker and sold BBQ for lunch .
The crowds outside were significantly less than our usual Old Timey day crowds but the heat of the day probably had a lot to do with that.
The old record for high temperature on this day was set way back in 1895 and was 89 degrees, today we tied this record.
My sales were significantly less than a usual Old Timey day also but I am thankful for what I did sell.
After a hot day inside market I came straight home without any stops today to change out of my "heritage clothes" and get cooled off with a cool drink of coconut water. I thought on the way home I was going to get a migraine headache but thankfully got cooled off before it happened.
Hubbie had been mowing the lawn all day and had to take a shower after he helped me unload to get all the dust off him. The only thing that is growing is weeds and their seed heads are full of pollen and dust.
We relaxed out in the covered patio until #2 son stopped by for a visit to bring a chainsaw back and borrow a long handled saw to trim his driveway back some.
We did chores and then spent the rest of the evening relaxing.
Thankful to God today for a wonderful day and all the wonderful blessings.
God Bless and Good Night.

Friday, September 23, 2016


Another beautiful morning. After chores, breakfast and devotions I  have decided to get out this really old Bible that belonged to my grandfather Pryor and read in it. I love knowing that Granddad also turned the pages of this Bible. Also all the news paper clippings that he had hid away in this Bible make for interesting reading.

Once again this morning I sneaked away from all my 4-legged companions and took a long walk down in the bottom pastures. This walk is actually longer than normal but easier on my knees because it is all flat ground except for the hill going down and back up.
It is a beautiful morning under those deep blue Fall skies.
The old farm pond is quickly drying up again in the drought we are in.
The creek is pretty low also.
As I walked I admired some of the huge old trees on our land and wondered just how old these beauties are. This is a Wild Cherry tree that is one of the biggest ones I have ever seen anywhere.

On the way back to the house I stopped and picked up several Persimmon seeds to dry out so the boys can open them Sunday to see what their prediction for our winter weather is.
Back inside I baked cakes , 12 caramel and 2 pound cakes.
After finishing these I had lunch then as I looked out at the cloudy day I decided it would be a good cooler day to work some in my shop. It is so much easier to cut out my sewing projects in there. Thankfully I didn't encounter any of my long shiny black snake friends this time in there.
I cut out 3 kids aprons, 5 baby bonnets, 4 medium bonnets and 6 large bonnets before my middle back muscles starting screaming that I was over doing plus the sun had come out and I sweated gallons while finishing these projects.
After a short rest I went up to the garden and gathered the remaining Fall squash crop. These Cushaw squash  I will sell at market tomorrow. I remember when I was growing up my mother always grew these instead of pumpkins because she liked the taste of these better than pumpkin for pies.
There were a few more spaghetti and acorn squash left also.
I also gathered the blown down strawberry popcorn that I had planted from some very old seed that I found and it all came up. But like all corn does that we plant in this garden it all blew over . These little ears still formed on the blown over stalks.
I will bunch some to sell and keep some for the kids to pop in the microwave.
There was a pretty eastern sky tonight as the clouds were breaking up.
#1 son and g-daughter came by for some tomatoes to have with their supper and she had to swing a little bit before going home.
Hubbie and I did chores then I spent the evening icing cakes and getting things ready for market. At market tomorrow we are having a Heritage Day celebration instead of our regular Old Timey Day that we have always had. We can't get enough help from market vendors to cook the biscuits on the old wood cook stoves anymore like in all the history of the market. So instead we changed the name and called it Heritage day. I have no idea what the reaction to this will be from customers and if anyone shows up or not.
Grateful for a loving Lord and all the blessings of this day.
God Bless and Good Night.

Thursday, September 22, 2016


Up and off to market on this first day of Fall 2016. Another beautiful but unseasonably warm day with temps in the mid 80's .
Market was pretty busy today and I had a good sales day. I sold several bonnets and desperately need to work some sewing time into my schedule in the coming week.
After market I ran errands and picked up baking supplies and groceries at Aldi and Walmart. I also stopped by Walgreens for one of their $10 dog beds to replace one of Dollys that is coming apart.
I made it home at 4:00 and got unloaded and put things away. I just had time to grab a protein bar and head out to the high school for the volleyball game.
They played Smokey Mountain High tonight and both teams won pretty handily.

I had a partner tonight as Re dropped EL off at the gym on her way to music practice at church.
Her aunt T came over between games and that was the highlight of her night !!!  Well that and being able to chase down a loose ball and throw it back to the girls on the court !
During the varsity game  El and I are on the bottom bleacher watching the action.

The varsity victory circle.

As we left the gym the sky was starting to clear from all the clouds that gathered up this evening and threatened rain.

We came home and she had pizza for supper then we played until mom came to pick her up.
This is the second day of violent rioting in Charlotte, NC after a black man was shot by a black policeman for not putting his hands up and not dropping the gun he had.
This pic describes these riots perfectly. This is certainly domestic terrorism when they damage property and even one man was shot and killed by another rioter.
Thankfully after the family saw the video on the shooting and asked for peaceful protest the marching tonight is more peaceful so far.
I don't understand how these protesters  minds work to protest a shooting like this. Bottom line when you have a gun and won't drop it after being asked by a policeman to do so what do they expect the policeman to do ?????
Only God can make a difference in this crazy world we live in today and I rest in the peace that He truly is the Prince of Peace.
God Bless and Good Night

Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Up to another beautiful morning to end this summer of 2016 on a good note. After chores, breakfast and devotions I took a walk to enjoy this nice weather.
This lone Morning Glory was in a perfect place to catch some of the suns rays.

 I was fortunate on my walk today to watch this Monarch butterfly searching for food and resting places as he took a break from the migrations journey south.

I regularly get to watch these Swallowtail beauties but rarely see a Monarch around here anymore.

Back inside I baked 3 pound and 2 blackberry wine cakes for an easy baking day today.
After lunch I took a nice vitamin D break to soak up some sunshine. It was a perfect afternoon although the sun was hot and the temps was 84 degrees there was a breeze and some intermittent clouds floating by to cover the hot sun a few times.
When hubbie got home we watched the evening news and then did the chores.
We watched the first episode of Survivor on tv, I say each season I am not going to get caught up in another of these shows but curiosity always gets the best of me and I end up watching. This season might be very interesting as the show is pitting 2 separate generations against one another. The Millennials who were born from the early 80's to 2004 against Gen-X ers who were born from the early 60's thru 1982. 
After the show I did weekly paper work and paid bills before getting everything packed up and ready for market tomorrow.
Today ends a summer that has been very exciting for our family.
G-son finished his 3rd grade year in June.  #1 son has been really busy at his grading job and d-in-love got to enjoy both kids all summer with only working 2 days a week.
Daughter had the most exciting and busy summer of all. As soon as school was out we dove into finishing her wedding plans. She was married on July 9th in a beautiful outdoor wedding on top of Bearwallow mountain. After a dry June with almost no rain around the first of July the rains began in earnest falling every afternoon up to the wedding and even on the rehearsal eve the storm was violent with pouring rain, wind, thunder and lightening causing a sleepless night wondering what in the world we would do with all the wedding guest if  this happens tomorrow ????
However our fears were all unfounded as by only the grace of a wonderful loving Heavenly Father the wedding day turned out to be perfect. Sunny,  cooler with a gentle breeze and everything else turned out totally perfect. Everyone had a wonder time and the newly weds were off to a wonderful start to life together.

#2 son also had an exciting summer as he asked Tif to marry him a week after daughter's wedding. And of course this sweetheart said yes !!!

The kids had fun in a week of Bible School at the end of July.

I got a year older on the last day of July and have felt my age more this summer than ever before with all the busyness plus a nasty Brown Recluse spider bite at the end of June that required 2 weeks of 2 different very strong antibiotics. Thankfully I have a nasty scar but didn't require any further treatment. I followed that up with a bout of Hand Foot and Mouth virus that hit me the last day of vacation and kept me down for 2 weeks and I still have skin peeling off places where the huge blisters were. My knees have also given me a fit this summer with constant pain.
The family had a very nice beach trip the first week of August where all the kids loved playing in the ocean waves.

Market has been a little off this season and I lost a large summer camp contract when new owners came in and decided on a different menu that didn't include my cakes !!
G-son started back to school on the 29th of August in the 4th grade and so far loves it this year.
I am babysitting g-daughter only 2 days a week since I have been struggling with my health issues.
She is starting to walk and is getting into everything. She is enjoying a little pre-school 1/2 day class on Tuesday and Thursday where she gets to interact with other babies and enjoys that.

Re and Aa have had a busy summer and EL started 3 year old preschool classes in September.

August for me was a typical food preservation month with canning green beans, tomatoes, salsa, pasta sauce , dilly beans and freezing blackberries.
After a dry June and wet July August and September have been very dry months to put an end to the garden.
I have so far attended every home volleyball game for daughter's JV team and also have watched a couple varsity matches .
I am very thankful for the wonderful summer memories created this season that were blessed with the love of Jesus Christ . I am looking forward to a new season and what God has in store for us.
God Bless and Good Night.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016


G-daughter arrived at 7am and we got our day started. She was in a much better mood this morning and had a nice breakfast while I did the outside chores.
After my breakfast I took her to her Tuesday morning school time.  I left her crying for the second Tuesday in a row but I'm sure she gets over it when one of the teachers picks her up.
I came home today and had devotions then took a short walk. I noticed there is sure alot of brown laves already on the ground.
Hopefully there will be enough left on the trees for some color !!
Today was a beautiful day to play with the settings on my camera for some pretty shots of  Fall's beauty.

 Wonder where all those little white fluffs floating around in the air are coming from ???
Back inside I finished the morning until time to pick up g-daughter doing some house cleaning.
G-daughter was very happy to see me when I went in to pick her up.
She was happy when we got home and ate a good lunch of carrots and avocado.
After lunch she played and I finished my housework then we went outside to enjoy the nice day. It was in the mid 80's again today but the air is dry so it feels pretty good. This September is on the way to setting records for being the warmest and driest on record if we keep going like we are.
She loves to listen to all the outside sounds .
I tried to get her to take a nap but not today !!
We ended our time together with her doing her favorite thing right now, swinging !!

I did chores early today and then got ready to head out to the volleyball game. They are playing Brevard high School today and that is Tif's alma mater so she and #2 son picked me up on their way to the game.
Daughter's JV team won 2 out of 3 sets for the victory.  

Then we also stayed and watched the varsity as they were pretty evenly matched so we expected a great game and they were. North won 3 out of 4 close sets for the victory.

After the game #2 son dropped me off as they were meeting Daughter and Josh for a late dinner. It was almost 9:00 and that is close to bed time for me not dinner time , haha !!!
Another tropical storm was maned today, Lisa, wonder where she will go ???
Karl the last storm is still wandering around out in the Atlantic but is expected to head back out to sea.
Thankful for all the blessings of this day and for a wonderful supportive family.
God Bless and Good Night.